W][tch Hunters – Harley Angel

+++ Recon Sniper Harlequin Saria Dannen found that hunk-o-junk when she took cover during the burning of Angel City, as the Witches unleashed their giga-level rage in those first savage days of ’93. Trapped alone behind enemy lines by the frantic skirmishing withdrawal of her Imperial Guard unit, she rebuilt the machine quietly by day, while […]

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W][tch Hunters – The Gladiatrix

W][tch Hunters – The Gladiatrix +++ Yet another lost soul I found in the brutal aftermath of the ’93 Witch War. With everyone she once loved dead or taken by Witches, she’d fled the war front with a million other refugees along the Crucifixion Road, until she found herself starving to death in the once […]

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P][P the First

Paint in progress! Yes, occasionally- mostly when away from home – I paint 😀 Skin repairs on the Witchhunter: Harley’s base awaits oil wash: Bike painting: Thanks for looking!

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