Didn’t like the hilt on the Witch Hunter’s sword so of course I messed with it: Filled in the lightning bolt and added a bauble for interest: Fitted the pistol to her left hand – made from a Witch Elf knife hand and lower part of the hilt, and an Admech Sicarian autopistol minus the […]

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Finally back – and back to the Witch Hunter: More hair added with GS, and settled on the big sword from the Sisters for the right arm – the sword will be getting some detailing (next post): And a Witch Elf left arm – the weird size discrepancies will get sorted (translation: hidden) with an […]

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Painting Again…

Finally back to painting. PIP of the Hard Girl – it’s possible I could’ve made a harder mini on which to paint the skin, but I doubt it! Note also the new head scarf – I didn’t get a decent pic prior to priming.   And the start of a step by step painting the […]

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WIP: W][tch Hunter

The Sword Sister (shown WIP in the last post) didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the Rogue Trader crew, so I was thinking she needed a new group around her when I found a Daemonette body lying randomly in a bitz tub… … And so the idea for new femme fatale – the […]

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Many WIPs

Contrary to my recent posting frequency, I have actually been managing some hobby time here and there – unfortunately I tend to forget to take pics as I work, but finally, here are some Rogue Trader crew and Wretched Sons WIPs. First, the new Wretched Son called Bane (for obvious reasons) is ready for paint: A […]

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Chaotic Continuation

The newest Wretched Son is coming together rather well. Body attached to legs, decided on a whim to add a crude exo-mechanic to one leg: Fiddled with the right arm for ages, had to resort to custom-fitting the fore-arm, needs GS sculpting to get the taper from elbow join to wrist… though I might add […]

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