Painting Update!

A painting update! Missiles first: Vallejo Sand sponge-chipped with GW Leadbelcher: Then the hairspray + salt technique with the Tamiya Racing White on the upper decking – this particular white is a pain to work with, to get decent coverage it has to be almost too thick:  On this side you can see an ugly […]

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Painting Test # 2

Second test run for the Gun Skiff with hairspray, salt and Tamiya spray colors: Bit of salt overkill – after this test I’ve decided to use a mix of the larger salt bits from the previous post and this regular size: And here’s the result after masking the flat white spray and applying the blue: […]

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Painting the Sk][FF

Painting at last – slowly, but still… Here’s the first layer of rust, with handy Ian McQue reference in background: Need to do a test run of some Tamiya spray colors as I don’t own an airbrush. So, following the first layer of Vallejo Flat Brown, did some drybrushing/speckling with GW Ryza Rust, then some […]

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Gun Sk][ff: Last Details

Last detailing round on the Gun Skiff! Took these fore mast parts: Glued them up, sliced them down, and glued them into place: Did a similar thing with the aft masts, but added some skulls for a bit of swag: And finally, this hole has been bugging me for a long time: So took this […]

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The Undecided W][P

As I mentioned a while back when presenting this character’s WIP for the first time, I’m still undecided as to where she fits into the cantos but as I’m waiting on a final set of bits to complete the Gun Skiff and commence painting it, I decided to glue the torso to the skirt/leg section, […]

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Gun Sk][ff: those details…

Another round of detailing over the last two weeks. Took the sealing tab off a honey squeeze-container: Spent some time on the Dremel-lathe: Ended up with this fill-in greeblie: Next up – took this vent thingy from the Frigate kit: And with some slice n dice and some fiddly styrene work: Moving on – been […]

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Gun Sk][ff: More details…

Just back from yet another work-related hiatus, so on with the show! With the more complicated phase of the build coming to an end (I think), time for more detailing. Made the helm pedestal using an old Warhammer gravestone and the larger Ironclad wheel: Added some more bits to the engine area (everything not sprayed […]

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