Small Progress…

Even small progress is progress, right? Managed to rust up those new bases:   And that’s all since real life kicked in again 2 weeks ago … Thanks for looking! Advertisements

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2019 commences…

In an effort to actually finish a model this year, just rebuilt bases for the Rogue Trader crew:   Used some leftover decking from the Gun Skiff build to better match the crew with the craft. Thanks for looking!

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Painting Test: Brass

Painting test on some scrap, trying out a recipe for dirty old brass: Added verdigris made from GW hawk turquoise and a drop of VJ pale green 50/50 with VJ glaze medium: Also repainted the upper turret the same blue as the hull rather than the white: Next up: back to the Gun Skiff and […]

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Painting Update #3

And that’s the spraying of the hull finished! Next up – detailing the metallics (silver and brass), maybe some hazard striping, then oils and pastel-powders – oh, and the engine parts, mustn’t forget those! Thanks for looking!

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W][P Throwback: W][ld Child

Still no further painting updates, so here’s a throwback WIP of the Wild Child, the heavy hitter from Kallatar’s Ordo Xenos retinue. Motivated to build a ‘Jacket’ (aka Edge of Tomorrow), I took the best parts of the otherwise awful Centurions, and jammed a pair of Dark Eldar Witch legs in there: One of the […]

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Painting Update #2

Another painting update – applied the salt+hairspray technique to the lower turret using the Tamiya Light Blue – which is much more user-friendly than the Racing White! Also applied the hairspray in a 3 lighter coats instead of the drenching I gave it in the second test – the lighter coats appear to give better […]

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Painting Update!

A painting update! Missiles first: Vallejo Sand sponge-chipped with GW Leadbelcher: Then the hairspray + salt technique with the Tamiya Racing White on the upper decking – this particular white is a pain to work with, to get decent coverage it has to be almost too thick:  On this side you can see an ugly […]

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