+ w][P – Sister Luna +

W][P of Sister Luna – she’s wearing Paladin-armour (similar to Sister Smash – real name pending), toting a BFG* and a hell of an attitude… * Big Frikkin Gun For a while now I’ve been trying to outfit one of the Sisters with a sniper weapon but nothing seemed to work; then I discoverd the […]

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Trying out my first video.+It shows how the Standard Bearer deconstructs, and the way I use copper tube as hafts nowadays, also as the inner tubing for the head pins.+Usually I don’t make the backpacks removable but in this case I’ll need access to paint the slung bolter; the milliput paste over foil is stronger […]

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+ w][P – Standard Bearer +

WIP of Amazon Astartes number four – the Standard Bearer. (She would’ve been number five however I’ve decided I don’t like Sister Dread so she’s waiting on the workbench for a re-build.) This lass is built primarily from the second of the femme Sequitors; not sure which Stormcast the arms are from. The head is […]

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+ S][ster Wrath +

Finally (mostly) finished the second female Space Marine started in November last year – Sister Wrath. Again, the base model was a female Stormcast, which I sliced through horizontally at the waist, then pinned the two halves back together but rotated the torso more to the left. Apoxie Sculpt was used to rebuild her armoured […]

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Been a while (yet again…) so here’s some WIP pics of a third female Spacemarine to go with Sister Sin and Sister 2 – who is still awaiting some robe sculpting. She’s a big girl with a pimped-up jetpack and a superhero landing pose. She’ll be holding a big old battle-ax in her raised left […]

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WURMSPAT: the Witch QUeen

Finally completed painting the Wurmspat trio that I started converting in Afghanistan late last year and completed while in quarantine the first two weeks of this year. First up – Margo the Witch Queen. First layer was a quick splash of Vallejo acrylic washes to get a tint of rusty brown and green, then Metallics […]

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