W][P – Glad][atrix

Detailing ideas for the Gun Spear – might add a skull above the firing handle… And I take it back – the little detail on the Scout’s gun is not the smallest thing I’ve ever sculpted – this new nose for the Gladiatrix is! Needs a bit more careful sanding with some super-fine paper – […]

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Thanks to Lysimachus over at the Ammobunker, the new Witchfinder retinue member has found her calling – as a Gladiatrix! And with that came the idea for her own special weapon: the Gun-Spear! Started with the coolest gun ever designed by GW: Some careful knife work (to retain that wonderful detailing) and some re-gluing brings […]

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W][P Scout and New F][ghter

Challenged by some Dakka users to add detail and make a change to the strap on the Scout’s rifle, here’s the (admittedly better looking) result (although it looks like I’ll need to sand the new strap bit down a little thinner): Meanwhile; took a Sisters of Silence body, added the bare back of a Daemonette, […]

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W][P SCOUT + W][TCH Hunter

Some WIP work on a new character, the Scout – kind of threw her together over the last few days and didn’t take a lot of pics, so these are basically end-of-construction pics, with only green-stuff patch-up work to go. Took a rifle/arm from a Necromunda sprue (similar to this one): And an Admech rifle […]

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So here’s the attempt at the gas mask – not sure yet if it’s going to work, needs some more detailing in the middle I think… thoughts? And some final detailing on the pistol:   Pistol in hand – a better view of the upper arm cuff – and also added a new neck part, […]

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Didn’t like the hilt on the Witch Hunter’s sword so of course I messed with it: Filled in the lightning bolt and added a bauble for interest: Fitted the pistol to her left hand – made from a Witch Elf knife hand and lower part of the hilt, and an Admech Sicarian autopistol minus the […]

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