Chaotic Continuation

The newest Wretched Son is coming together rather well. Body attached to legs, decided on a whim to add a crude exo-mechanic to one leg: Fiddled with the right arm for ages, had to resort to custom-fitting the fore-arm, needs GS sculpting to get the taper from elbow join to wrist… though I might add […]

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Chaotic Beginnings…

Chaotic beginnings of a new Wretched Son… Stuck in a bit of a rut in regards to where to go with a few other models like the Hard Girl and the Rogue Trader dropship, it was time for a new Wretched Son to emerge from the radioactive wastes of Isstvan III. The less I worry […]

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Rogue Trader Crew WiPS

Two of the crew almost at painting stage, and a new crew member is under construction. Firstly, Ratty’s robes are completed, so he’s ready for paint: The operator with his gun-arm is about 95% completed, just some minor detailing on the backpack required. I forgot to add the gun-arm in the first pic, and then┬ánoticed […]

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