Gun Sk][ff: those details…

Another round of detailing over the last two weeks. Took the sealing tab off a honey squeeze-container: Spent some time on the Dremel-lathe: Ended up with this fill-in greeblie: Next up – took this vent thingy from the Frigate kit: And with some slice n dice and some fiddly styrene work: Moving on – been […]

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Gun Sk][ff: More details…

Just back from yet another work-related hiatus, so on with the show! With the more complicated phase of the build coming to an end (I think), time for more detailing. Made the helm pedestal using an old Warhammer gravestone and the larger Ironclad wheel: Added some more bits to the engine area (everything not sprayed […]

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Gun Sk][ff details

Decided to add more weight and depth to the removable upper deck, so added styrene and a GS/milliput mix: Then cut to shape and sanded smooth, and here’s the result: I may end up going back in to add a line or two of rivets, but for now, it’s done. Moving on – the gaps […]

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Main Eng][ne

With the thrusters completed (for the moment anyway) moved on to detailing the removable top deck plate. Found some 1/35th tank drive wheels, a Landraider turret ring, and a Space Marine bike wheel, ¬†glued them together to make a bit of an engine, then cut them in half – you’ll see why shortly: As there’s […]

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Engine L][ghts

Real life pause over – time to get these fething engine lights done! Engine detailing: And covered with Krylon Fusion primer: Added supporting braces internally to the top deck cavity: Note the magnets to take this removable though as yet un-detailed decking plate: Finished soldering (and re-soldering… and re-re-soldering…) the wiring harness and tinted the […]

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I Blame Star Wars

I blame Star Wars. Well, Star Wars modellers to be correct – and mostly this guy¬†Tagamo Modelworx I learned more about lighting models in one night binge-watching his videos than any amount of reading Instructables and the like. But as I was watching, this thought snuck into my brain: Lighting models – mmmm… So of […]

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More Gun Sk][ff Gun Stuff

Back again with more Gun Skiff gun stuff – a curved barrel shroud for the upper mini-gun. Xbox grill looked perfect for what I had in mind, except there’s no way to bend it into the shape I needed – so did some prep work on it prior to vacuforming: Used the home-made vacuformer to […]

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