The Orphans

My first day in the Deathwatch is nearly my last. + Thrusters spool down to silence. White light floods in from the opening rear hatch revealing Astartes of many colours: blue and gold Ultras, blood-armoured Angels, bearded, grey-clad, axe-carrying Fenryka and half a hundred others. Penitent, my own armour is stained wholly black, Chapter markings […]

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The Kallatar Revelation

=][= Witch Hunter. I am Kallatar. A monstrous threat rises in the warp; it awoke at Xolomon’s death and did not end with Skvorax. I cannot defeat it alone. We must meet.  =][= + Some months following the Kallatar Revelation… Witch Hunter Tessene and Assassin-Inquisitor Imadeus chased rumours and false-sightings of the rogue trader vessel Winter […]

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Night W][tches – Medusa

  … In an instant I beheld uprisen At once three hellish furies stain’d with blood: in limb and motion feminine they seem’d; Around them greenest hydras twisting roll’d Their volumes; adders and cerastes crept Instead of hair, and their fierce temples bound… …Turn thyself round, and keep Thy count’nance hid; for if the Gorgon dire […]

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Night W][tches – The Hoplite

Night W][tches – The Hoplite Been mashing this member of my dark Inq28 Night Witch warband together for while – okay, nearly 6 months – the main effort of conversion being making the spear – which I showed back here: W][P – The Hoplite – and the shield arm, so here’s some WIPS of that… Took […]

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A Darker Path

The completion of the Ordo Sicarius trio brings to a close my current series of Imperial Inquisitor retinues – as you might have noticed, these retinues are linked across an organically-grown tale forming over the past seven years, from when I wrote the vignette for The Brimstone Inquisitor and made an off-hand mention of the mysterious […]

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Ordo Sicar][us – Assassin-Enforcer Alvya Arianhod

+ Assassin-Enforcer Alvya Arianhod of the Ordo Sicarius + + Apprenticed to Assassin-Inquisitor Imadeus, majored in Application of Imperial Law (Arbites Judge equivalency) and swordsmanship, sub-specialising in a dual-wield fighting system of unknown origin + + Image-capture here shows Alvya wielding twin sabres, her preferred weapon system; her blades are neither blessed nor energetic, as she prefers […]

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Ordo Sicar][us – Assassin-Executioner Shiriku

+ Assassin-Executioner Shiriku of the Ordo Sicarius + + Apprenticed to Assassin-Inquisitor Imadeus, majored in the weapon-arts kenjutsu ‘fencing’ and tessenjutsu ‘fighting with a fan’ + + Image-capture here shows Shiriku poised in battle, wielding her tessen ‘war-fan’ and the katana named Tsukiakari o Kiru ‘Cutting the Moonlight’ + Construction: Link back to the WIP post where […]

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