I Blame Star Wars

I blame Star Wars. Well, Star Wars modellers to be correct – and mostly this guy Tagamo Modelworx I learned more about lighting models in one night binge-watching his videos than any amount of reading Instructables and the like. But as I was watching, this thought snuck into my brain: Lighting models – mmmm… So of […]

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More Gun Sk][ff Gun Stuff

Back again with more Gun Skiff gun stuff – a curved barrel shroud for the upper mini-gun. Xbox grill looked perfect for what I had in mind, except there’s no way to bend it into the shape I needed – so did some prep work on it prior to vacuforming: Used the home-made vacuformer to […]

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W][P: The Gun Sk][ff

Here’s where we left off the build last time: Kharandon Beardy-Face now Mini-Gun Angry Face! Deciding to leave the guns alone for a bit, it was time for some work on the stern of the ship. Took some 1/35th tank parts, part of a Space Marine Centurion power-pack, and lengths of old wire – mostly […]

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K][ll Your Darlings…

To move ahead, sometimes you have to kill your darlings… Suffering from some major hobby mojo for some time now – it’s been well over a year since I last put paint-to-model, for instance – I decided that while the idea of building the Captain’s raptor-like dropship https://mebelamby.wordpress.com/2016/11/09/wip-dropship/ was (and remains) a goal, the execution of the Hemlock […]

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A return…

Yes, yet again, a return… and of course, with a new character! A quick explanation: since my last post the Witch Hunter suffered a calamitous casualty at the teeth of Chaos – otherwise known as my cat 😦 – the only portions that survived were the arms and the head, as they were detached at […]

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The W][tch Hunter + the Glad][atrix

The Witch Hunter and the Gladiatrix are done (just some minor clean up required before spraying.) Here’s the Witch Hunter with hair and coat-tails complete: And the Gladiatrix, nose surgery and Gun Spear complete, left arm and belt kit added: One retinue member to go – I wonder who/what she will be… Thanks for looking! […]

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W][P – Glad][atrix

Detailing ideas for the Gun Spear – might add a skull above the firing handle… And I take it back – the little detail on the Scout’s gun is not the smallest thing I’ve ever sculpted – this new nose for the Gladiatrix is! Needs a bit more careful sanding with some super-fine paper – […]

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