P][P – W][tch Hunters

While deployed away from the Main Desk, I brought a travelling paint kit, so here are some Paint in progress pics on 3 x Witch Hunters: Next stage for these ladies of the Ordo Hereticus is oils – black oil for the blue and metals, purple for the skin, maybe a little brown here and […]

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Harley – W][P

Inspiration is a strange thing. Found this image on Pinterest – ‘Commando’ by artist Jomaro Kindred: Not very Inquisitor or 40k, right? Apparently, my mind disagrees. Take an Eldar jetbike, some Atalan Jackal bits, some brass and styrene tubing sizes various, some pins, some Superfine milliput (and apparently some cat hair, too). Add the two-sword-wielding […]

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Assass][n-Executioner W][P

Away back – after completing the retinue of Inquisitor Kallatar – I posted this bridging piece of the story: Ordo Sicarius At the time it was only intended to be an introduction for the Rogue Trader Captain Illyria Winter and her crew, but the idea of an Assassin-Inquisitor and a little band of murderers took […]

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Head shot!

Made a new head for the Interrogator – took the goggle-mask head from the Genestealer Cult Brood Brothers and cut away the gas mask portion – then cut free the lower half of an AoS Witch Elf face and mashed the upper and lower together: Came out pretty well I think! I might add a […]

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Back to the coat

So… I realised there’s two distinct concepts going on with the same base model, so decision made – the Witch Hunter Interrogator will be wearing the coat. Of course if you’ve been following along for a while you know nothing in my modelling is ever quite that simple… You see, since I’d adapted the coat […]

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Blank Canvas

So this happened (to a 2nd extra Escher I had lying around): I’ve seen others make some nice models with the Escher sculpts but I just don’t seem to be able to with the base models – so after looking at the lazy conversion from the previous post I realised she was going to have […]

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W][P stuff

Working on multiple stuff can get a little confusing – both for me and you 😎 but anyway, here we go… Completed four of the five (possibly six) bases for the Witch Hunter retinue: One of them was for the Witch Hunter Interrogator, a very lazy conversion to be honest: After she stared at me […]

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