Ordo Malleus – The Brimstone Inqu][sitor



IMG_0679 Concerning the Brimstone Inquisitor:

The Brimstone Inquisitor Hugues de Ardens of the Ordo Malleus is pic-captured here in his bronzed plate-armour, wielding both his melta-pistol Infernus and the Relic-axe Sinslayer, just prior to the commencement of the final assault on the Cult of Skvorax.

The derogative name Brimstone was bestowed upon him early in his career thanks to his propensity for loudly preaching ‘fire and brimstone’ testaments as he rained furious vengeance upon his foes. Aware of the power of symbology, de Ardens adopted the name as a title, and often refers to himself in the third person as “Old Brimstone.” It is also a reference to his use of his melta-pistol Infernus. The Relic-axe Sinslayer is an ‘untouchable’ weapon that blunts psychic energy, and is thus a perfect match for de Ardens, who possess no psychic ability – a rareness for a Malleus Inquisitor – beyond an iron faith and force of will. Throughout most of his two hundred and three year career he had been an extrovert proponent of the Monodominants, having personally called down the cleansing fire of Exterminatus on thirteen worlds.

Then, twenty-five years ago – in the aftermath of the Xolomon Deviance, where ninety-nine Grey Knights of the one hundred and one of his strike force were killed by the daemonhost army of Quarrus Xolomon – de Ardens came to the bleak realisation that his strict adherence to Puritan methodology had contributed to the terrible loss, and perhaps if he had followed the more radical strategy of Inquisitor Kallatar, the victory over Xolomon may have been less hollow.  

Practical and pragmatic, de Ardens has always been unconcerned by what others think of him, and while he may still despise mutants and aliens, he retains his puritanical faith but on his own terms, rather than those presented by the Monodominants, and he is now known to employ at least one Sanctioned xenos within his retinue. 

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