Ordo Malleus – The Pathf][nder




Concerning Blel Kadri:

Blel Kadri of the Klas Blel Brood served the Tau during many wars as a bonded-mercenary, earning his freedom with three hundred kill notches carved into the wooden stock of his long-rifle. He returned from the Outside to the wandering rogue-moon that had been his home as a hatchling, and lived peacefully amongst the brood for a decade, until the Arch-Heretic Quarrus Xolomon came with his murdering cultists and began to hatch his army of Warped Ones. The lives of many Kroot were taken by the Warped Ones until the Bronze Man came with his giant warriors in silver and defeated the Arch-Heretic in the battle that would be known to the brood as the Cleansing, and which the Imperials called the Xolomon Deviance.

Defying the orders of the Bronze Man and following the advice of the Lady, the Klas Blel joined the Silver Giants in the Cleansing, and many Kroot died that day; those of the brood who lived would forever carry a debt of gratitude to the Silver Giants who died so well and the Bronze Man who crucified the Arch-Heretic, and rid the rogue-moon of the Chaos infestation.

Many seasons later – when the rogue-moon swung back on its orbit out of the warp-storm that kept it isolated for decades at a time – the old Pathfinder Blel Kadri volunteered to journey back to the Outside and find the Bronze Man, to offer blood-bound service as a mercenary to the Bronze Man.

But he found the Lady first.

Thus Kallatar first learned that one of the Warped Ones had escaped the Cleansing and was loose in the Outside…

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