The Skeleton Crew – Inigo ‘Scarface’ Montoya







Concerning Inigo ‘Scarface’ Montoya:

(With apologies to William Goldman…)

Inigo ‘Scarface’ Montoya recently joined the Skeleton Crew, though he is a veteran of a thousand duels and a hundred small conflicts, having traversed the galaxy seeking the man who killed his father.

His father Domingo – a retired Imperial Guard commissar – had challenged an aristocrat to a duel regarding an unpaid gambling debt. Domingo was a skilled swordsman, and easily disarmed and blooded the aristocrat, but he was slain by a dishonourable knife in the back. Inigo witnessed the duel and the murder, and challenged the aristocrat to a duel immediately. The aristocrat disarmed the boy and left him with the scar he bears on his face to this day. Inigo does not know the aristocrats name, only that he had six rubies embedded in the hilt of the dagger he used to kill Domingo. Inigo therefore begins every duel with the question: “I do not mean to pry, but do you by chance own a dagger with six rubies on the hilt?”

Inigo has studied sword play for twenty years, mastering all the classical styles, including Bonetti’s Defence, Capo Ferro, Thibault and Agrippa. He tutors many of the mercenaries in blade work for extra coin, because as he has discovered over twenty years of wandering, there’s not a lot of money in revenge.

Though Inigo will always conduct sword duels with impeccable honour, in the press of a skirmish or the sneak of a stalk-mission, he is pragmattic enough to admit a gun doesn’t go astray, and thus carries his father’s Commissariat bolt-pistol, customised with a suppressor. And while he wears the standardised desert camouflage of the Skeleton Crew, he has painted the rims of his armour red, the same colour as his father’s bolt-pistol, to always remind him that his ultimate aim is revenge for his father’s murder…


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