The Wretched Sons – Painting Zamael: An Exercise In Applied Zen Patience

And so the painting commenced.

My vision for this brute was pretty ambitious, and all told I attempted the paint scheme 5 times until finally getting it right.

Truly an exercise in applied Zen patience…

First layer, spraying rusty orange over the whole model:


Salt layer – these two pics are from an earlier attempts, but this stage didn’t change:IMG_2881

In previous attempts I masked out the armour areas, but by this stage I was pretty over the whole thing, so I sprayed free-hand – in hindsight it was a lot easier than the masking…

Here I’ve gloss sprayed the rust layer, wet the surface, applied salt, and sprayed the base green:



After the green layer dries comes the moment of truth – application of the Tim Holtz crackle paint – this stuff is really great but very fickle, and it was this layer that caused all my repeats.

The most important thing I learned in this process was Less is More – in previous attempts the effect often came out like cracked mud, which is great if you’re doing a nice base, not so good for Heresy-era Helbrute armour…

These first two are from an earlier attempt – note the careful masking, which I later abandoned. This attempt was ruined by a second application of the crackle, which didn’t crackle, just made really thick paint:



These next few photos are from the final attempt:


Nice effect starting to reveal itself here – by this point I was tentatively sure I’d reached a nice balance between crackle, rust and green…


… Which was borne out by this stage, where I used a toothpick and wet brush to carefully remove the salt – lessons learned from previous attempts made this a slow job, but excitement was building now…IMG_2931 IMG_2933 IMG_2934 IMG_2935

And there ended the photos…

By now I was convinced this attempt was going to be the one, so I went into a mad, day-long painting marathon, adding more rust spots with a brush, dry brushing the cables, layering up the skin, blue algae wash on the skin which was also accidentally spattered on the armour, then adding dry pastels for more rust and grime, on a whim doing a purple filter over the armour and the rust, which seeped into the crackle and made it pop…

Sneak peak of the complete model – final shots next post!



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