The Wretched Sons – Zamael



Concerning Zamael: 

Brother-Sergeant Zamael of the Sons of Horus was left for dead on the battlefield following the Great Betrayal on Isstvan III. In the midst of the battle he had fallen to a chain-sword wielding Loyalist, losing both legs, a part of his right arm and most of his internal organs. When he was found by the Wretched Sons he had been dragging himself with his remaining arm across the charred surface of the planet for a week.

The Wretched Sons were a small remnant of the Sons of Horus combined with a smattering of Death Guard, Emperor’s Children and World Eater survivors – all still loyal to Horus – who had been inadvertently left behind following the withdrawal of the Warmaster’s forces. Knowing no rescue was forthcoming, they had taken to wandering the scarred surface of the planet scavenging weapons and technology, in the process finding a surprising number of survivors.

Zamael was taken to the Dark Mechanicus Artificer Phledexus, whom the Wretched Sons had taken in and set to work repairing a cruiser in the hopes they might eventually escape the planet. Phledexus took the dying Zamael and entombed him in a battle-damaged but functional Dreadnaught sarcophagus to initially preserve his life, but the mutagenic side-effects of the toxic mix of chemical and biological weaponry deployed on Isstvan III was attacking Zamael’s transhuman genetics, changing him in unexpected ways. Excited by the prospects, Phledexus could not resist tampering with Zamael’s broken genes and implementing elements of the Obliterator virus into the Dread’s cyber-mechanics.

The Wretched Sons eventually repaired the crashed ship and left Isstvan in an attempt to join their Warmaster in the final assault on Terra and the False Emperor. Warp storms and other misfortunes delayed them and eventually the Wretched Sons learned of the fall of the Emperor, and the death of Horus, at which time they followed the surviving Heretic Astartes Legions into the Eye of Terror. By this time Zamael had grown beyond the confines of the Dread chassis, warping in screaming agony over years into a raging weapon of terror and destruction, and in the process becoming utterly and irrevocably insane.









Inqu][sition Intelligence Report

Classification: Vermillion

~ Imagery provided from excerpts of mission briefing for the assault on the {Heretic designation} Cult of Skvorax {case-file HER/MAL/XEN_Xolomon_Remnants_(number string redacted)} at location {redacted}.

~ Warning: Presence of {Imperial designation} Helbrute {probable} Zamael of the {Heretic designation} Wretched Sons {case-file MAL_SoH_Remnants_WS (number string redacted)} indicates {high probability} of other {Imperial designation} Dark Mechanicus constructs in localised {redacted} vicinity.

~ Warning includes {high probability} of Wretched Sons Heretic Astartes in localised {redacted} vicinity.
Classification: Vermillion



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