Inqu][sitor Kallatar: Part Three

More sculpting on the coat and underpinning for the collar brought us to this point:

IMG_3175 IMG_3174

Then I broke off the original sword, so tried a slightly longer and more ornate one, which was actually a better fit:

IMG_3130 IMG_3132

The other thing this sword had going for it was that it only had one attachment point to the belt – whereas the previous one had two, and I just couldn’t really make it look natural.

So now I took some tiny pieces of chain and Greenstuff belt strips, and 2 hours later…

IMG_3186 IMG_3188

A bit more sculpting on the sleeves and a re-do on the sword brought me to this point:

IMG_3208 IMG_3209

From this point there’s a few more un-photographed steps:

– Sculpted a hat

– Re-built the gun twice – the un-pictured one looked like a dead lizard, so it was scrapped

– Added a collar and lapels, and the little rear belt bit and finished the sleeves on the coat



Thanks for looking – Next time, adventures with hair and brass goggles!


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