Inqu][sitor Kallatar: Part Four

Sculpted a neck tie and hair – this is actually the third attempt at hair, the first two rounds I was trying for longer hair but it always seemed to look like an octopus escaping from under her hat. On the second attempt I was so frustrated I twisted the semi-dried greenstuff as I went to remove it and it formed the bun you can see in the next few pics:IMG_3294IMG_3295IMG_3296

Wasn’t totally happy with the hair, so I redid it, deliberately twisting the slightly longer tail:

IMG_3323After rebuilding the gun hand’s wrist, and the lapel after breaking it off, I reached the tiny details stage.

Took some micro brass chain:


Bent some brass strip to clinch the link:


Two of those bits joined with a flattened link made tiny brass goggles – the lenses are actually dried dabs of superglue gel:

Originally the idea was for the goggles to be on the hat, but they look better around her neck:


Final details were added – brass ][ on the lapel, and a small pouch, and a gas-mask and hose on the belt to bring her a little more into 40k, and Inquisitor Kallatar was complete!


Thanks for looking!


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