The Wretched Sons – Building True Scale Traitors: The Ax

Ever since laying eyes on the True Scale Marines out there in Internet land – the various Alpharius’ by Migsula, Apologist’s Praetorian Ultramarines, Doghouse’s World Eaters and most recently Kari’s Red Corsairs – I’ve been in the process of building TS Marines… however, it has taken me over 3 years to finally produce a completed model, and though these legs you’re about to see were once intended for a Black Templar, they now belong to the first of the Wretched Sons Astartes, the Ax.

On with the show!

These are Assault Terminator legs, actually the very first pair I ‘true-scaled’ – following Migsula’s ‘recipe’ you can see the styrene-card spacers to lengthen the shins, and the Terminator-ish parts greenstuffed over to replicate Marine armour. My sculpting wasn’t that good 3 years back, so these legs have had a lot of sanding and patching in the interim.

The fur is a press-mold copy from a Space Wolf Terminator, replicated using Instamold and a greenstuff/milliput mix (my favourite sculpting mixture).


Here I’ve sculpted the belt and finished off the fur with some Brownstuff. I no longer use Brownstuff, for two reasons: one, it doesn’t sand as well as GS/milliput mixtures, and two, I couldn’t bring myself to shorten Brownstuff down to BS when blogging…


Taking an old metal Chaos Chosen axe – one of my favourite of the old weapons – made a 2-part press-mold using Instamold and a pair of WH bases.

Those pins are to force correct alignment of the two halves.


And here’s the smoothed result:


Moved on to the torso – I start out with an Assault Marine torso, cut away the abdominal detail to get the curve I’m after, adding a styrene sheet spacer between front and back and some styrene on the side where the arms will eventually attach, before sculpting over the whole lot, in this instance with Brownstuff… which consequently cracked at a later date, and has recently been repaired with GS/milliput.

You can also see I tend to pin everything nowadays – too many models of old have had arms and heads lost here and there…


Press-molded a Chaos angry face from somewhere into the empty abdominal area.

Also found this brutal head from the Warhammer range – dude looks angry!


Scored a Finecast box of Chaos Chosen – I was chasing metal for months, but alas, no… – scraped the detail away from the forearms with a knife and sandpaper, and wrangled the dual-weilding forearms and haft into place between the two Terminator arms – that was a struggle, there was swearing…

You can see the cracked Brownstuff on the chest… and the chest has turned green because I was trying out Liquid Greenstuff to patch the crack – an utter waste of time.

The alert amongst you will also notice the axe blade is now Brownstuff – did another copy because I decided I wanted the Chaos symbol, since this guy isn’t overtly Chaosy in the normal GW way… to be honest, I’m not a fan of the overly blinged current Chaos Marines, and in any case, this bad boy is destined to receive the green-crackle-and-rust scheme of the Wretched Sons, as showcased on Zamael the Helbrute.


Left shoulder pauldron – the wonderful old Big Skull is a classic.

You can see a lot of micro-sculpting went into those forearms, the Finecast sculpts were just awful – as usual.


Right shoulder pauldron – a Chaos Terminator pad with a rim added using styrene strip to make it more Marine than Terminator.

Also added the holstered bolter, from the Space Marine bike kit.


You can see here I’m using a Vanguard Veteran Marine backpack rather than a typical Chaos backpack, which I’ve come to detest. The Vanguard packs are more just-post-Heresy era than ‘modern’ 40k, and I added the cool Grey Knight Daemon skull for some more Chaos-i-fication…


And here is the Ax, looking all kill, maim, mutilate and stuff… Grrrrr!IMG_3034

Thanks for looking – comments are welcome!


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