The Wretched Sons – Building True Scale Traitors: Hatchet

Chuffed with the successful completion of the Ax, it wasn’t long before I started a new Wretched Son’s conversion.

This time I wanted a ranged weapon in hand and a ‘shooter’ pose.

Started with another pair of the true-scaled legs from almost 3 years back – you can see just how rough my sculpting was back then!

You can also see the Assault Marine torso I favour as a template for true-scaling, though by now I’d stopped adding the 1mm styrene spacer between the torso and back section – I found it was just easier to lay the sculpting medium on a bit thicker, and this method leaves the neck cavity the right size.

Again, 2mm spacers in the shins, 1mm soles.


Torso complete – using the 50/50 mix of GS/milliput allows the medium to dry harder and sand nicely, unlike the sponginess of pure GS.

The armour is again left bare of ‘bling’ because as a Wretched Son he will be getting the green crackle and rust treatment, just like Zamael the Helbrute – also, I really don’t like the over-bling of the current Chaos Marines.

Abdominal plate is a Space Wolves Terminator tilt plate – Chaos enough for me!

The right arm is from the Chaos Warrior Knights kit – I love using Warhammer bits on 40k conversions, it adds a baroque, gothic feel.


Looking at arm and weapon options here – one of the banes of a true-scale converter is the lack of good arms for Terminators.

The Chaos Knight arm was perfect for the right, but all the Knight left arms are designed for shields – so I Instamold-copied the right arm, cut away the upper section and hand, was left with the nice elbow and forearm section, which when flipped over, can work for a left arm.


Carved up a normal Space Marine arm to get the left shoulder in place.


Right arm copy becomes a left arm – a lot of test fitting and swearing goes into this phase, trying to get the length matched to the other arm and the body height.


Must admit, I was pretty happy with the way the Instamold copied the details of that arm.


Added a suitably angry Marine head, switched out the old Chaos bolter for the plasma pistol, and at the last minute changed out the 30k-style chain axe for this old metal axe from the Khorne Exalted Hero model (the rest of that model was converted a while back into the Brimstone Inquisitor himself!)

The right arm here looks a little long, it was not glued into place here, just blue-tacked – I also ended up shaving a mm or two off the shoulder joint to raise it slightly.IMG_3165 I like to try and get a decent shooter’s pose when possible – I do realise that there’s no way even a 7ft tall superhuman warrior shoot a weapon that large one handed, but it looks cool!IMG_3167Die Loyalist scum!

IMG_3168 Close up – tilt plate in place in the abdomen, still missing shoulder armour:


Shoulder pauldrons – the left one is a converted Chaos Marine pad, with added trim strip, exactly the same as the Ax’s.

The right one was a little more complicated…

I made a two-part mold of a plain Terminator pad, squished the GS/milliput into the bottom half of the mold to form the inner concave face, pressed the top of the mold over, waited half an hour, then carefully peeled off the top half of the mold.

Then I took the spiky Chaos Knights pads (love the bits from that Chaos Knight kit!), lubed it with vaseline and pressed it into the still pliable GS. Once I was happy with the placement I left it to dry, then removed it, cleaned off the vaseline, sanded the GS part smooth, and superglued the plastic back into place, which left me with one spiky bespoke pad!IMG_3183

And that was it!

So here’s Hatchet in (almost) all his furious vengeance and anger, ready to burn some Loyalists!

IMG_3189 IMG_3190 IMG_3191

And then I realised I hadn’t photographed him with his backpack on – I’ll get to that sooner or later!

I’ve since added some tiny brass chain around his waist, from which will hang a pair of skull trophies – cos skulls are cool, and essential for 40k…



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