Converting Gutrot Spume

Something new to knock the cobwebs off the skills: another Wretched Sons true-scale Marine… with a difference!

Recognise anything in this pile of bitz?

First up – let’s mod those awful split toe-hoof thingies…

Next, get rid of the ugly triple shoulder armour:
IMG_5673 IMG_5672

Sliced off whatever that ugly face was on the left rear hip:

Added the pouch (cos even dudes with tentacles need places to put stuff…):

Press-copied the gripping tentacle part:

If you hadn’t picked it up from the ‘tease’ image earlier, the main ‘arm’ tentacle will be holding a bolter – hence the press-copy of the gripper… so after some minor gun mods…

Pinned and glued it into position – unfortunately, the GS and milliput didn’t mix very well (lazy mixing on my behalf) and was crumbling as I drilled it, so I had to cut away a lot of the tentacle part and super-glue the b-jebus out of it to make it solid, hence the ugly bits:
IMG_5735 IMG_5736

And then sculpted the remainder of the tentacle:

It’s pretty rough for now, but once it dries I’ll sand it into shape and smoothness:

While sculpting the tentacle I noticed the old style bolter (from Forge World) was really plain and dull, so it requires some detailing next, and even this servant of Nurgle needs a power-pack for the remnants of his armour – so still plenty to do…

Thanks for looking!


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