Let’s Build a Rifle…

There I was, about to undercoat the Prowler and start painting, when a little voice whispered in my head that maybe he’d look a little steampunk with a rifle instead of the knife in his hand…


So then, the offending part:


Cut and carved and sanded some wood for the rifle stock:


(Definitely needs some pimping, and may get a little re-shaping later but it’ll do for now…)

Did some more woodwork to make the fore-stock, then chopped off the hilt and blade from the hand, drilled through it and slotted the two parts into place:


Lathed some brass tube down and soldered a pin into place to form the bolt:


Cut, filed and Dremelled out the slot of the bolt and the ejection port – closed position:


And open position:



Before anyone asks – no; I do not intend for this to actually fire, and yes; I may be going a little OTT…

Thanks for looking!



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