Forwards – and Backwards…

Moving forward on the rifle… and going backwards a little too.

But first – some people were asking about my lathe setup, so here it is – my NotDremel-In-A-Vice lathe!


Forwards, step one – drilled a hole in the bottom of the barrel to take the now cut off inner ‘pin’ of the ornate trigger-guard:


Forwards, step two – epoxy-glued the trigger and trigger-guard into place:


And backwards, step one – decided the copper bolt was a bit messy, so did a rebuild of the bolt in brass:


Soldered the pin into place and cut the bolt down to size – much cleaner work than the copper one:


And finally, another step forward – lathed some detail into a barrel insert – it will extend a fraction less than seen here:


Still to do – solder the barrel insert in, epoxy the barrel onto the fore-stock, pimp the butt stock with some brass, and then should be just about ready for painting the Prowler!

Tune in next time, and thanks for looking!


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