T][ny Swords and Guns…

I have based and primed the Prowler today, but a few other things got me a little side-tracked…
For example – a new sword blade for the Rogue Trader Captain started life as a paper-clip and some brass tube:

Bit of work with a hammer and we have this blank:

And a lot of filing and sanding later we get this:

For those of you who have been paying attention, the intention with the Captain now is to return to the left-arm behind the back duelling pose, and to balance the model with that big feather hat and some bits and bobs on the left hip – because after making that sword how can I not show it off???

Moving on…

So when I said ‘side-tracked’ I meant it – I have absolutely no need to build anything new because I have so many half-finished and finished builds to work on, but when the muse strikes…

Found this old metal Vostroyan sniper lying around – did some chop chop on him (he lost his head!), added few AdMech bits to make a backpack, and then for no other reason than I wanted to see if I could make a bolt-action in 28mm scale he ended up with this mod to his gun:



And here’s a scale comparison to the Prowler rifle:

And then – back to Gutrot…
Sprayed primer on those hard-to-get-to parts and what the Hell, glued him together and then went all the way and slapped the modified power-unit and cables onto him:

You get a better appreciation of the bulked out bolter now he’s a whole body, not just a tentacled skeleton:

He needs a bit of green-stuff clean-up to smooth out the gaps in the skin created by my tampering with knife and file.

Holidays are great for hobby time yay!!!

Thanks for looking!


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