Need a decent block of time to do a couple of minor but important (and therefore exacting) GS sculpting jobs on four different models – the Samurai’s sleeves, the Rogue Trader Captain’s sleeve, Gutrot’s skin and the new crew sniper’s backpack and hood. Unfortunately, I’m only getting little half hour periods here and there at the moment, so instead of finishing something… you guessed it, a new character for the femme fatales of Inquisitor Kallatar’s Ordo Xenos retinue: the Assassin!

Had some Witch Elf bits just lying around…
Notice the two left legs?
The correct leg for this body is the one with the studded rim on her thigh boot, but of course I want the armoured knee… mainly because I don’t get why you would armour one leg and not the other (let’s not look to closely at this logic when applied to bare abs, armoured bras and g-strings, ok?)

But the leg with armoured knee has a different key-shape and the butt doesn’t quite fit:

So I hacked off the un-armoured leg at the thigh, glued it to the body, drilled and pinned it, and then hacked the thigh off the armoured leg to get to this stage:
(Also lost the tabard too – ‘No capes darling – no capes!’)

Following so far? 😉
Glued it all together to get this:


Took the standard right arm for this body (ho hum boring…):

Added an Admech Ruststalker arm and ended up with the arm on the right – and the 3 possible weapon loadouts for her:

Though after looking at all Admech weapons turning up in other people’s conversions, I’m thinking she needs a custom-blade job… so next up, it’ll be out with the hammer and anvil again, to make a bespoke blade for her!

And an update on the Prowler – his elegantly simple base is complete, painting begins!


Technically, undercoating complete!


After looking at the rifle for a few days, I’ve concluded it is no longer the solution because it’s just too long -so his new weapon is probably going to be a wheel-lock pistol – standby for updates!


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