Green Stuff t][me…

Finally found time for a long and mostly tedious sculpting session!
Still a little wet in the pics, so there’s sanding and cleanup to do yet, but you’ll get the idea…

Here’s the gang ready for GS:

Warming up, a simple job on the crew sniper, filling in the gaps between the power-unit and his clothing:

At this point – still warming up – filled some small gaps on Ratty and the mystery metal model project, but no pics (yet…)

Next – turned Gutrot’s forearm vambrace into power armour:

Onto the hard part – the third sleeve layer for the Samurai:


So glad to get those sleeves done, she’s close to complete, just have to mount the backpack and the exoskeleton-arms.

And then, sculpted armoured pants and bra for the Assassin – the standard body is included so you can see the changes:


The assassin will definitely be getting a custom blade, the curving lines inherent in the sculpt scream at me to give her a curved blade rather than a simple Admech kitbash job.
Probably going to make something like the Inquisitor blade in my first blog post:


but with a fancier guard and hilt… we’ll see 😉

Ran out of time to do the sleeve on the RT Captain and Gutrot’s skin – another day then!

Thanks for looking!


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