Assass][n and Gutrot!

Happy New Year all!

I’ve started painting the Prowler twice now, and each time I found mold lines and flaws I’d missed – so third time lucky, he’s primed yet again and awaiting paint… again!

So for now, some progress over the last week on the Ordo Xenos Assassin!

Witch Elf head fits the body, but I want the Admech Ruststalker head:

Minor surgery to match the underside so the head will slot onto the neck:

And in position:


– More GS work required to fix the armoured bra, and the left shoulder pad

– Front arm with claws – only change made to the claw was reducing the size of the thumb, it was ridiculously huge!

– Went with a gun rather than a sword, so made this from an Empire flintlock – Decided to reduce the barrel down from the plastic one:

– Note the head changes – cut off the canister, the streamlined look is better
– The arms are too long, but I like the weirdness of itIMG_5995



An Ammobunker member pointed out that she looks like she’s doing the exaggerated cartoon sneak at the moment – this is because she is currently mounted on a cork for modelling/painting purposes. When I base her properly she’ll be leaping forward aggressively in a more of a ‘I’m here to kill you!’ pose rather than ‘Sshhh – we’re hunting wabbits!’


Gutrot has been progressing as well:
– GS work on the skin
– Need to fix the lowest tentacle join
– Added some bulk to the helmet
– Position the main tentacle armour pad as well
– mmm, note to self – remove strap next to the tabard, it’s ruining the flow of the model


Turned Gutrot’s axe into a power axe – with added backswing buzz-saw!


Also got rid of that other ugly head, the one on the right hip, and replaced it with an armour piece – also cut the two straps away, they were interrupting the model’s Feng Shui…


Thanks for looking, and see you all in 2016!


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