Yes, it has finally happened – after a year and a half the brushes are finally wet again… well, actually, had to go and buy new brushes… and then new paints… but that’s all behind us now!

The Clockwork Custode is on the painting table – PIP shot, pre-oil wash:


Switched almost completely to Vallejo paints: Glorious Gold mixed with Armour Brown to get the darker gold, straight Glorious Gold and then Chrome for highlights. Next up he’ll get a brown oil wash, this is my quick and dirty method of getting darker shadows and grime – I like using oils for this step because you get a long working time, and if you don’t like it, you can just wipe it off and start again.

And – the Sniper all undercoated and ready to go:




You might notice her weapon has been re-vamped a little – extended the forward stock and added a new barrel piece from an Admech gun, retained the hi-tech scope and the cog-mechanism. Her backpack has also been tech-ed up by removing the side pouches and the knife and adding more – you guessed it – Admech bits.

Hopefully this is third time lucky and she won’t have to get stripped down again…


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