On Building Bases…


A few people have asked how I built the Ordo Xenos bases, so here’s a quick tutorial on… Building Bases!

Find a standard GW slotted base:IMG_6918

Attack it furiously with a round file to get this cut-out:IMG_6919

Glue appropriately-sized styrene tubing into the cut-out:IMG_6920

While that dries, glue some 1mm styrene sheet down:IMG_6921

And while that all dries, go to a hobby store and buy the cheapest 1/35th scale tank you can find – these are an awesome greeble source, I bought 2 for $10 about 3 years ago and still have heaps of parts left:IMG_6922

Also, these Kotobukiya Gundam parts aren’t cheap, but make great greebles for bases too:IMG_6923

Because this base was a quick throw-together specifically for the tutorial, I grabbed some cut-offs from my greeble tub (What? You don’t keep your cut-off scrap? Start now!) – really, anything will do:

Play with your greebles and right angles and straight lines to get the end result – you can see I’ve cut away the excess styrene sheet and sanded it roughly to match the base edges. I’ve also elevated some areas – sometimes this is random, sometimes it’s specifically to mount a character:IMG_6926

Rust time! Just dab PVA on where you want really decent rust…

And sprinkle Bi-Carb soda over the whole thing:IMG_6928

If you’ve overdone the PVA and your base looks like a decent snowfall just occurred, scrape away the excess with a toothpick – sometimes less is more!IMG_6929

Then follow the previous painting tutorial and viola – rusty goodness!IMG_6931

This base took about 30 minutes to make, including speeding up the drying of the PVA with a hair dryer, and about 20 minutes to paint to this basic level.

You can get some really dense and complicated Urban jungle just by adding layers of stuff – for example, the big Ordo Xenos base (destined to hold the Mech Suit) needed the deep rectangular cut-out with a big pipe greeble in it because the Mech Suit is so large.

You can go to town a bit with the paint job as well: hazard stripes always look good on bases, crackle paint (when it plays the game – fickle bloody stuff) looks awesome too.



* No bases were killed or injured in the making of this tutorial *


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