Ordo Xenos retinue – the Samurai:








Two to go…

Thanks for looking!


3 thoughts on “Samura][

  1. Incredible! I must admit that I am guilty of sometimes having tuned out of this project during the many, many minuscule building steps, but the finished models certainly warrant the buildup! Utterly fantastic painting that could not be any more different from the standard ‘Eavy Metal style — and is all the more outstanding for it!

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    1. Thank you KS, I am humbled by your comments.

      I too have tended to tune out as my OCD kicked in and out 😉 but I can see the finish line now and am keen to complete the entire retinue.

      While I certainly think the ‘Eavy Metal style has it place, it is not to my liking.

      Thanks again!

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