The W][ld Child

The Wild Child is finished:







Tried some different techniques, like using liquid frisk to achieve the subtle chipping effect, creating (hopefully) authentic battle damage.

Freehanded the orange/white hazard stripes on the power-boots, and the orange ‘District 9’ stripes on the gauss-gun.

Many hours of watching and re-watching Painting Buddha videos with the master Ben Komets have helped raise my wet-blending and painting in general to a new level.

Only Inquisitor Kallatar to go, and the Ordo Xenos retinue will be complete.




5 thoughts on “The W][ld Child

  1. Another fantastic model that has been long in the making! I really love the dark, oily industrial feel of the exo-armour, and the scuffed hazard stripes are a beautiful match for the dark blue armour!

    I have two very small gripes about the model: One, her face appears maybe a tad too pink, but maybe that’s just a trick of the light. I also think that you should have painted the small screen on her Tempestus Scion Vambrace with a glassy effect and some scrolling data in light blue — it seems like a bit of a missed opportunity as is.

    But anyway, this is shaping up into a wonderful collection of grimdark women! I am looking forward to finding out whether or not your paintjob is going to sell me on Kallatar, as I do have my gripes about the model.

    Keep up the fantastic work! 🙂

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    1. Thank you KS, for both the critique and the accolades.

      Now that you mention it, I see the pinkness might be too much – I was trying for high contrast between the darker armour and her skin, but I think she might look a little too ‘scrubbed clean’…

      Noting your comment I’ll try a very light Armour Brown glaze over the skin, to tone it down a little.

      And of course the armour screen!!! I completely missed the fact that it’s supposed to be a data screen!

      Thanks again!


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