Kroot WIP continues…

More WIP work on the Kroot – who really needs a name…

Frankensteined together Kroot lower legs and Admech Skitarii upper legs to get this: img_7809


Sculpted in the missing upper leg sections (where the robes cover on a Skitarii), disguised the leg joins and the waist join:



Added a holstered Tau pulse pistol, decided it was a bit boring, so added the suppressor (whole thing is pinned for pre-painting removal). Also added GS belt strips, and the start of a chest-harnesss:



2nd pin added to take a knife, and more harness work:



Chest pouches in place, battle-bra style harness completed – the right shoulder had to be reduced to allow the carbine’s butt to fit:img_7830


GS/epoxy-glued a small power-unit into place, later there’ll be a cable to the shooter’s weapon:



Obviously some sanding/clean-up required:



Progressing well, me thinks…


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