WIP The Captain

Working on the Captain again – new arm, new gun, and new name!

When we last saw Illyria Winter, she looked like this:img_5895

First job was to re-profile the blade into a thinner shape.
Then it was onto the surgical table for a new cyber-mechano arm – mostly due to the developing fluff, which is taking on a life of its own… but that’s another story – also, because I didn’t want to have to sculpt another sleeve:img_7821

Chopped the old arm off at the wrist, connected it to the new arm:img_7822

Made a slightly better version of the HandCannon – I always wanted a revolver-style weapon for her, and the Admech bitz once again have come to the party – don’t worry about the extending piece of brass pin, it’ll get the chop later… unless I decide to add a cable running to a power-unit elsewhere on her:img_7844

Also note the sculpted/brass chain-link webbing buckles, front and back – and here’s the arm in place too:img_7845

Currently trying to decide if I need to smooth out that shoulder armour plate…

Cheers, me hearties!!!


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