WIP Dropship

Behind her the Rogue Trader dropship leaped raptor-like back into the sky… 

That single phrase from the Ordo Xenos retinue story sparked a desire to create the raptor-like dropship.

This is where old ship bits are gathered and reborn – hopefully…





A healthy dose of Aliens, Halo and Firefly pretty much assured that the dropship will have to be VTOL.

When designing ships in 3D, you start with the engines, so a bitz-bargain Hemlock fighter hull became the first donor kit:


Engine internal support structures from styrene tubing (these intakes have since changed):



Not wanting the dropship to look Eldar, I ditched the Hemlock wings early on.

The engines on their own looked a little plain, so I decided to build a wing-nub for the outside edge.

Styrene tube made the starting shape:



Then I sculpted the wing-nub as symmetrical as I could over the tubes – here’s the ‘master’ in place after drying and some vigorous sanding:



Vacuum-formed it twice, one for each engine – it’s not quite symmetrical, but I’ll fix that later with putty:007_eng_nubs_3


And that’s it so far.

Thanks for looking!




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