Hair, or Hat, or Both…

I need your help – Illyria Winter is close to completion, but I can’t decide the final configuration.

So please comment as to which set-up you like, as follows:


Just hair:




Just the hat:



Or both:




Or none of the above…


Thanks in advance!


5 thoughts on “Hair, or Hat, or Both…

  1. Hmm, while the hat is beautifully detailed (as is all of your work), I cannot help feeling that it makes her look too much like something between actual, historical pirate and a bit-part in an old Errol Flynn film.

    Going with the hair is therefore the preferrable option, but I think you’ll have to tweak the position of the braid: Given the rigid stance of the model, I think the braid would look better either when hanging straight down or when swinging in the same direction her gun arm is extended: The latter would make for a pretty stylised look, admittedly, but whatever you do, there’s something off about the hair as is.

    Hope this helps! 🙂


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    1. Very helpful, and much along my own thinking…
      After posting these pics I’ve gone off the hat completely for much the same reasons.
      The braid ended up damaged beyond use by me trying to reposition it… it may be she’ll actually look better bald.
      Thanks for the input 😉


      1. Hmm, I’d argue that a French braid seems like a great fit for her after all (the practical issue of it possibly becoming a bit of a liability during fights at close quarters notwithstanding), because there’s something disciplined and tidy about this hairstyle that would beautifully complement her very rigid, focused looking pose. Just sayin’…

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  2. I also think the braid alone is the way to go. The hat is always tempting (this past year I wrestled with a hat-or-no-hat dilemma on one of my own models, Krauty talked some sense into me), but I find that overall those Empire floppy feather hats tend to look more ridiculous than they’re worth.

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