VTOL Thrusters and Wing-Mounts

After lots of building, tearing down, rebuilding again, the drop ship has her VTOL thrusters and wing-mounts!

Mounted those 1/48th Apache wings – I can’t seem to saw straight, so a lot of time is spent repairing bad cuts:img_7921


Remember those vacuum-formed halves from a post or two ago – here they are glued and puttied into reasonably symmetrical rotators.

Two different sizes of brass rod run through the mid-line of the rotators and pass through the spine for support:img_7936

Same position as above, different angle – note the new styrene card construction forward of the wing-mounts to blend the flightpod and hull – some 1/72 Cobra parts will go there next.

Also shortened the flight-pod rear part (under the styrene curved piece) and the Tau Devilfish ‘spine’ by about 5mm each, bringing the flightpod back 1cm – just looks little better, though that Devilfish part reminds me of a Cylon raider…


The original concept had a matching wing-mounts behind the rotators, but it was just too thick for the overall design – so after playing around with some cut-offs from a 2nd Helmock hull, discovered this covering bit – needs a lot of blending work, but I like it!img_7935




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