After some really great critiques (mostly on Ammobunker) here’s two quick re-mods of the Quad-Gunner – again, nothing is glued or cleaned-up, so he’s really rough.

Mod 1 – Reloading, arms down:




Or Mod 2 – Reloading, arms up:




Primary issue with Mod 2 – Arms up sort of says ‘I surrender’…



3 thoughts on “Reloading!

  1. For me its down, and if you can angle the forearms closer to reloading; their interaction will be more obvious. Do the forearms cup the elbow ball joint? Or is it fixed?

    Whilst from one angle Up appears more obvious whats going on, it does indeed looking like ‘Giving up’

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  2. I like arms up. It’s a more dynamic reloading pose than arms down. It’s hard to get an “I give up” vibe when he’s got that gun pointed at your face. Maybe to lessen the surrender image though, you could bend the elbows to bring the hands closer together?

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  3. Although… can I add a totally-too-late criticism? I think that the mechanical arms aren’t necessarily right for this conversion. That gun he’s hefting looks like it has an ammo capacity of roughly seven trillion high-caliber rounds. The fact that he has servo-arms devoted to a sidearm while he hefts around an anti-aircraft rifle seems a little silly. Today at work I was thinking of it and this scene came to mind:

    “Don’t shoot that little mothafucka no more!”
    I can’t help but wonder if the concept would be better served on a character that is more pistol-centric, and maybe this character would have a harness that serves a purpose directly related to his primary weapon? Just a thought…

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