Rotting Guts and All!

And lastly – for now – Gutrot 40k!






The painting process was a variation of the paintjob on Zamael the Helbrute – the main difference is I didn’t use salt for chipping, and didn’t use a spraygun, it was done with brushes.

And to give credit where it is due – check out the Mariner’s Blight Extreme-corrosion tutorial from Eye of Error – that’s where I borrowed the recipe from, then tweaked it.

I tend to paint in a bit of a frenzy, dipping into colors here and there and going back and forth a lot, but the basic recipe is:

– GW Chaos Black spray, then GW White from above for zenithal shading
– Vallejo (VJ) Rust and VJ Orange all over (except for the heads – I kept those separate)
– Drybrush GW Ryza Rust randomly all over
– Gloss spray layer to protect the rust from the chipping
– VJ Pale Green, 2 thin layers, not too carefully
– Used Isopropyl alcohol and an old brush to ‘chip and wear’ the green layer away on edges and in random areas
– Dabbed on green Tim Holtz Ranger Distress Crackle paint – unfortunately they don’t make this color anymore sad.png
– Let it dry and crackle
– Secret Weapons Amethyst (purple) wash loose all over
– Another gloss spray
– Brown oil wash – then let it dry for 2 days!
– Then back and forth a lot, using VJ Rust and VJ Orange to brighten some areas of the spotty rust – also went back in here and there with VJ Pale Green
– Some more dry-brushing Ryza Rust a little, then dry-brushed GW Boltgun to get non-rusty shiny edges in some areas
– Gold was done using VJ Glorious Gold mixed 50/50 with GW Mithril Silver – the golds were later shaded with Liche Purple and VJ Armour Brown washes
– Skulls and pelt were done using VJ Sand, also shaded with Liche Purple, highlighted with White
– Woods and leather are done with VJ Armour Brown, highlighted with VJ Sand and washed with Armour Brown again
– Skin was courtesy of Reaper Mouldy Skin, washed with Secret Weapons Algae (that’s the blue tint) then wet-blend highlighted using the Ben Komet’s ‘loaded brush’ technique with Reaper Ghoul Skin and Reaper Bloodless Skin, lastly some pin-washes with Liche Purple for final shades
– The tentacles were started similarly to the skin, then glazed with GW Liche Purple – which was too dark, so re-glazed with a Liche Purple/White mix – which was too pink, so in frustration I went back over them with the original Mouldy Skin watered down a little, wet-blended the highlights in the upper sides with the Ghoul and Bloodless Skin –  accidentally added some stripes and liked them, so added some more, then on a whim lightly glazed the ends with Pale Green and used Algae wash to blend the body-to-tentacles transitions… yes, those tentacles were very complicated!

Thanks all!


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