Rogue Trader Crew WiPS

Two of the crew almost at painting stage, and a new crew member is under construction.

Firstly, Ratty’s robes are completed, so he’s ready for paint:



The operator with his gun-arm is about 95% completed, just some minor detailing on the backpack required.

I forgot to add the gun-arm in the first pic, and then noticed the pistol is missing its barrel!



And a new hard-hitter is on the table!

Those Imperial Guard kneeling legs took a lot of sanding to shape into female booty!

Underpinned the GS around her arms and torso, 2nd layer required next to construct an ‘armour-bra’ that is a more armour, less bra 😉

Currently she has a hole in the back of her head – that will be filled with slightly re-sculpted hair.

Went for a P90 look on the primary weapon – the secondary pistol is over-large, but what the hell – this girl likes her guns!



Thanks for looking!


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