Chaotic Continuation

The newest Wretched Son is coming together rather well.

Body attached to legs, decided on a whim to add a crude exo-mechanic to one leg:


Fiddled with the right arm for ages, had to resort to custom-fitting the fore-arm, needs GS sculpting to get the taper from elbow join to wrist… though I might add some smaller exo-mechanics to add to the story of battle damage to that side of his body:


Here’s the other side – I’m really liking this bolter with the cool strap:


Half-tilt on the bolter angle for added gangster:


Also in this pic you can see the final parts selected, with the typical Wretched Sons right shoulder-pad, the slightly Chaos-i-fied backpack, the left shoulder pad awaiting modification, the sheathed Old School Chaos scimitar and the three-piece left arm: Terminator upper, Stormcast forearm and Grey Knight terminator open hand.

Thanks for looking!


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