Many WIPs

Contrary to my recent posting frequency, I have actually been managing some hobby time here and there – unfortunately I tend to forget to take pics as I work, but finally, here are some Rogue Trader crew and Wretched Sons WIPs.

First, the new Wretched Son called Bane (for obvious reasons) is ready for paint:


A second Blightking-converted partner (as yet un-named) for Bane is coming along too.

Space Wolf terminator legs ‘Migs-ified’, with my now-standard true-scale torso glued into place:



Glued on the Blightking Nurgle Fly gut-plate for added bloat, and carved the plaits off a Space Wolf terminator head – he’ll have some dendritic cables running into the side of his head. One lower leg has also received the greenstuff treatment:


On the Rogue Trader scene, Captain Illyria Winter makes another appearance, with added skulls on the knees of her boots and new hair – she’s ready for paint now too, I think… still not entirely sold on her blade, I may rebuild it:




And another member of Illyria Winter’s crew makes her first WIP appearance.

She’s simple and complex in equal measure – a Dark Elf Witch body with Sisters of Silence arms and blade – I had to slice off the left arm at the wrist to get it to fit.


The head is the lower jaw from a Dark Elf Witch and the upper from the Admech Skitarii Rangers, with the pipes and breather cut away – after working on the Hard Girl I was sick of cutting up Dark Elf Witch hair (pics of her coming soon) so the skull-cap thing was the best way around it without using a bald Sisters head.


The Sisters sword is pinned so I can remove it for painting. She just needs some micro-sculpting on her belt and armour-bra to 40k them a bit.

In other Rogue Trader news, the Hard Girl is finally ready for paint, but because I sprayed her black a while back she doesn’t photograph well – after I re-prime her with zenithal black and white I’ll see if a final before-painting pic will be forthcoming.

That’s it for now – thanks for looking!!!


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