WIP: W][tch Hunter

The Sword Sister (shown WIP in the last post) didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the Rogue Trader crew, so I was thinking she needed a new group around her when I found a Daemonette body lying randomly in a bitz tub…

… And so the idea for new femme fatale – the Witch Hunter Tessene – and her Ordo Hereticus retinue strode onto the stage, to stand (and fight) alongside Kallatar’s Ordo Xenos retinue and Illyria Winter’s Rogue Trader crew.

Took the Daemonette body, sliced off the top of the torso and jammed half a Sisters of Silence torso in there – you can also see where I started to cut away the claw feet with the intention of sculpting boots:

Some butt repair required after removing the tail a little too exuberantly:IMG_9383

There’s a possibility I’m guilty of over-using Witch Elf heads…

So, decided to use a bald Sisters head – well, half of it anyway; here she is with her skull opened up and prepped to receive a half-section of Witch Elf hair – that distinctive Sisters of Silence grill-mask will be modified into a gas-mask:IMG_9384

Boot toes sculpted – they require some more sanding to slim them down a little – a GS strip glued along the join of the Daemonette and Sister’s torso, and the first round of sculpting hair (again with the hair sculpting! will I never learn?) to fix the flat inner half of the Witch Elf hair:


She certainly has a Witch Hunter’s attitude in that stride!


Thanks for looking!



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