Didn’t like the hilt on the Witch Hunter’s sword so of course I messed with it:

IMG_0243 (1)

Filled in the lightning bolt and added a bauble for interest:


Fitted the pistol to her left hand – made from a Witch Elf knife hand and lower part of the hilt, and an Admech Sicarian autopistol minus the magazine and barrel extension:


Then I glued in the left arm, added the cuff to hide the crappy join, and also added some of those baubles to the corset (kinda hard to see in this pic):


Next, some sanding and clean up work, GS the hair, GS the right arm where it joins the shoulder, add an armour collar and then figure how what I’m going to do with her mask – either turn it into a gasmask, or hide it with a highwayman’s scarf, or go drastic and transplant a new face onto the head.

Thanks for looking!


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