W][P SCOUT + W][TCH Hunter

Some WIP work on a new character, the Scout – kind of threw her together over the last few days and didn’t take a lot of pics, so these are basically end-of-construction pics, with only green-stuff patch-up work to go.

Took a rifle/arm from a Necromunda sprue (similar to this one):


And an Admech rifle (again, similar to this one):


And the boring Necromunda rifle becomes a much cooler Scout rifle:


Torso is from an old Dark Elf Cold One Knights, left arm is the now-staple Admech ‘bionic’ to attach to the left hand on the rifle:


Made the kneeling legs from a Tau Fire Warrior and some Dark Eldar legs various, with a bit of choppy-chop on the back foot to get it into position:


And yes – that is a Witch Elf screaming face as a (hopefully) cool shoulder pauldron – belt  from the Necromunda sprue:


And with rifle in position:




Still hunting around for a decent head for the Scout – we’ll get back to that later…

Speaking of heads – the on-going saga of the Witch Hunter’s gas-mask continues:


Pretty sure I’m done with the mask – now just to green-stuff that last hair strand:


Thanks for looking!


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