Thanks to Lysimachus over at the Ammobunker, the new Witchfinder retinue member has found her calling – as a Gladiatrix!

And with that came the idea for her own special weapon: the Gun-Spear!

Started with the coolest gun ever designed by GW:

Some careful knife work (to retain that wonderful detailing) and some re-gluing brings us to this:IMG_0479

Added a Sisters of Silence right forearm to the right upper arm and drilled through the fist to insert the brass rod for the basic ‘spear’ haft:


Drilled through the magazine-well and power-thingy to position the gun then trimmed and oh-so-very-carefully drilled into that Sister’s blade to get the basic idea of the Gun Spear:IMG_0489

And an Escher arm combined with the Sister’s open hand gives us the left arm:


Next up – a firing mechanism for the Gun on the Spear haft,  some sort of power-source, maybe some cabling, and clean up the gun-to-blade transition.

Still working up the nerve to resculpt the Daemonette forehead and nose…

Thanks for looking!


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