A return…

Yes, yet again, a return… and of course, with a new character!

A quick explanation: since my last post the Witch Hunter suffered a calamitous casualty at the teeth of Chaos – otherwise known as my cat 😦 – the only portions that survived were the arms and the head, as they were detached at the time of the creature’s assault

I started rebuilding her – hopefully even better than before – but the motivation soured a little, so to breathe life back into my mojo, I’ve started on another character – though I’m not quite sure where she fits in the cantos of either the Rogue Traders, Kallatar’s retinue, or the Witch Hunters… or possibly even something new.

Anyways – since I have quite a few of these old Daemonette bodies lying around, I started with one them:


And with the long skirts of Neferata from the Mortachs of Nagash:


Off with her legs!


Still working on getting rid of the hanging jewel-things – sometimes over-exuberant knife work means greenstuff/milliput repairs:


And here’s the body and the skirt together – took a bit of knife-work to get the torso to sit facing forward rather than sideways like Neferata’s torso sits:


And here’s the components of the left arm and sword – I set the Dremel up as a lathe to turn the greenstuff/milliput hilt:


And all attached:


Hopefully there’ll be much more to come in a better timeframe than previously!

And as always – thanks for looking!


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