K][ll Your Darlings…

To move ahead, sometimes you have to kill your darlings…

Suffering from some major hobby mojo for some time now – it’s been well over a year since I last put paint-to-model, for instance – I decided that while the idea of building the Captain’s raptor-like dropship https://mebelamby.wordpress.com/2016/11/09/wip-dropship/ was (and remains) a goal, the execution of the Hemlock conversion had gone awry; meaning, I had the top, the tail, and the VTOL thrusters, but couldn’t come up with a decent hull and flightpod design that took the fighter and made it a dropship – which after all, was the initial goal. So – typically me – I started on a new ride for the Rogue Trader crew and the Inquisitor Kallatar’s retinue.

Recently inspired by the techno airships of the artist ianmcque …


– and more retro  look of the Kharandon airships, work commenced on converting an Arkanaut frigate into a 40k steampunk transport – though I quickly discovered that scale-wise, there was no way the frigate could conceivably carry enough people to function as a troop-transport; so another quick change of tack (haha – see what I did there?) and the frigate design metamorphed into:

The Gun Skiff!

So first up – what else? – guns:

Upper turret with twin-linked rotating 100mm cannon – made from some Imperial Guard tank bits and strips of styrene:


Of course, then I realised those midget rounds in the mag-trays are just too small calibre for the barrels size, so covered them up with some styrene sheet and milliput/greenstuff:


With the upper deck cannon fleshed out, time to build the lower turret that will replace the mouth/beard of the Arkanaut frigate  – so took this old Tau turret shell:


Added the styrene rim to this plumbing tubing:


Detailed up the mini-gun barrel from the Nemesis Dreadknight:


and look at that – a Minion gun!


Made some additions to the frigate’s turret bed:


Then used some superglue dots to tack the hull halves together…

Then took a hacksaw and OMG what have I done!!!


Oh well, too late to back out now; I just kept cutting and sanding…


Until we ended up with this:



Unfortunately, the lower turret support pylon doesn’t quite fit in the hole yet, so no pic today of the weaponry in place.

Tune in soon for more mad modelling adventures!


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