W][P: The Gun Sk][ff

Here’s where we left off the build last time:


Kharandon Beardy-Face now Mini-Gun Angry Face!

Deciding to leave the guns alone for a bit, it was time for some work on the stern of the ship.

Took some 1/35th tank parts, part of a Space Marine Centurion power-pack, and lengths of old wire – mostly DC power leads and bits of Iphone cable my daemon-cat has chewed off electronic devices around the house – and threw it all together into some tech detail that nobody will ever see again after this.

Next – the McQue-esque engine cut-out.

Eyeballed the curve on the hull halves, drew a reference line, took one of those “O frack what am I about to do?” breaths, and let rip with the Dremel…

Leaving this:


Then took some engine parts from the Space Marine vehicle range, added some caps from those kids squeezy mini-bladders and sketched out some thrusters:


Might have to trim a fraction more out of the hull where the nozzles are just touching, but I like it so far:


Remember, this is upside down for construction purposes – the skiff flies the right way up!

Then it was back to the guns.

Added some detail to the back of the twin-linked cannon using a part from a Hemlock Wraithfighter, a random plastic ring from something cut in two, and another 1/35th tank part cut in half to get the two yellow bits:


And then finally got both upper and lower weapons in place for a pic:


Still lots to do but I’m feeling the vibe with this one!

Thanks for looking!


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