I Blame Star Wars

I blame Star Wars.

Well, Star Wars modellers to be correct – and mostly this guy Tagamo Modelworx

I learned more about lighting models in one night binge-watching his videos than any amount of reading Instructables and the like.

But as I was watching, this thought snuck into my brain: Lighting models – mmmm…

So of course, not content with my usual OCD-style modelling, now I’m adding LEDs to the engines – cos why make it simple when you can make it insanely detailed, right?

Not wanting to spend too much money on all this, found a LED bike light in the junk pile, and harvested the twin watch-battery power supply and the LEDs from it – never throw anything away, kids; it just might come in useful!

Of course, had to mod the power supply a bit by adding the leads – which meant I had to learn to solder, cos up till now my electronics experience comes from making circuits in simple IED training aids (real life job) where we twist and tape, as the training aids invariably get blown apart… anyway:


And here’s the harvested LEDs with resistors added:


Took a switch from an old Nerf gun – yes, you read that correctly 😉 :


Made a hole in the side of the decking to take the switch:


And added some detail to hide the fact it is indeed, a switch:


In the interest of keeping up the momentum of the actual design and building of this thing, I left off the electronics there til another day.

Looking at the main engines I thought they looked a bit plain, so made these pipes:


And added them to inner cylinders:


Then I mixed up a batch of epoxy and glued both engines together, and completely failed to take a pic when they were done, whoops.

More to follow!



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