Engine L][ghts

Real life pause over – time to get these fething engine lights done!

Engine detailing:


And covered with Krylon Fusion primer:


Added supporting braces internally to the top deck cavity:


Note the magnets to take this removable though as yet un-detailed decking plate:


Finished soldering (and re-soldering… and re-re-soldering…) the wiring harness and tinted the bright white LEDs with Tamiya Clear Blue:


Seriously underestimated the size of the wiring harness vs the cavity, and spent a lot longer than it should have taken to get it all to fit:


You might notice the switch has been changed out – the Nerf gun switch decided to cease working about after I’d soldered everything up the first (two) times, so I caved in and bought a good solid switch – which is why the top decking is now removable:


Finally though – we have engine lights!


Things I have learned during this process:

1. Good soldering is a lot harder than it looks đŸ˜‰

2. Test, test and re-test your circuit after every step!

3. Harvesting LEDs and battery mounts and switches for free is good in theory but in practice, not so much

Now I can (hopefully) speed up the rest of this build!

Thanks for looking!



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