Gun Sk][ff: those details…

Another round of detailing over the last two weeks.

Took the sealing tab off a honey squeeze-container:


Spent some time on the Dremel-lathe:


Ended up with this fill-in greeblie:


Next up – took this vent thingy from the Frigate kit:


And with some slice n dice and some fiddly styrene work:


Moving on – been wondering for a while what to do with these wing stubs:


Tried the wing minus the propellors:


But didn’t like them as overall they seemed to unbalance the model.

So I went on a bitz hunt through many, many containers of plastic crack, and eventually found a set of rocket-pods from a 1/35th scale Cobra (I think…) which with a bit of slice n dice ended up looking like this:



Then finished up the week with some minor details:


Next week I’ll be gluing the hull halves on, building the last of the housing for the chin-turret, then a final round of detailing and the end is nigh!

Thanks for looking!


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