The Undecided W][P

As I mentioned a while back when presenting this character’s WIP for the first time, I’m still undecided as to where she fits into the cantos but as I’m waiting on a final set of bits to complete the Gun Skiff and commence painting it, I decided to glue the torso to the skirt/leg section, pin and glue the arms and GS the connections:


Sharp-eyed viewers may notice that the sword seems to missing both its cross-guard and blade – that’s because the previously built styrene cross-guard snapped off.

So I removed the blade, then took this watch part:IMG_1864

And reduced it to this:IMG_1865

And then GS/glued it back onto the protruding pin, which leaves us with this:IMG_1866

So, now I’m faced with the usual converting-a-Daemonette dilemma, which is basically having to sculpt the missing female breast… but:

What if I was to leave the torso as is?


As always – thanks for looking!


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