Painting the Sk][FF

Painting at last – slowly, but still…

Here’s the first layer of rust, with handy Ian McQue reference in background:


Need to do a test run of some Tamiya spray colors as I don’t own an airbrush.

So, following the first layer of Vallejo Flat Brown, did some drybrushing/speckling with GW Ryza Rust, then some sponging-on of GW Leadbelcher to get this:IMG_2002

I really like this effect, so much of the hull below the ‘waterline’ will be bare metal/rust – adds interest because the whole model won’t be just one or two painted surfaces.

Following a protective gloss varnish coat, sprinkled salt onto the wet surface:


Unfortunately the water-method seems to dissolve a lot of the salt, so I will have to invest in some cheap hairspray – also, with hairspray as the medium between the gloss coat and the sprayed color layer, you can selectively remove areas with a bit of light scrubbing with a stiff brush or toothbrush or even a toothpick.

Then sprayed Tamiya Flat White over the top:


Which left me with this effect:


Now, you might notice the Flat White has flowed around the salt and left a small raised edge – this was due to over-eager spraying on my behalf.

While I’m okay with the result, I’ll be redoing it next weekend (no hobby time during the week at the moment.)

Things I’m going to change are:

Brush on a Ryza Rust/VJ Orange mix to lighten the VJ Flat Brown;

Let the gloss coat dry overnight;

Crush the salt more so the chips are smaller and more random – also sponge on liquid frisk in some targeted areas where I need the rust to show through;

Spray the Tamiya Flat White in a series of layers with drying time between them.

Thanks for looking!


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