Painting Test # 2

Second test run for the Gun Skiff with hairspray, salt and Tamiya spray colors:


Bit of salt overkill – after this test I’ve decided to use a mix of the larger salt bits from the previous post and this regular size:


And here’s the result after masking the flat white spray and applying the blue:


Using the hairspray makes it easier to get the salt to stick but I did leave it on for too long before spraying the colors, so it was a bit sticky at this stage – so, since the Tamiya sprays are gloss anyway, I applied Tamiya flat clear spray to knock it back to matte.

I’ll do some test with painting over the matte coat with oil washes and some lighter blue highlights, but I think I now have a decent recipe and – more importantly – a sequence of layers to paint the actual Gun Skiff next weekend.

Thanks for looking!


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