P][p the second or the curious case of oils part the third…

Still struggling up the learning curves of oils on miniatures…

Here’s just a few things I’ve discovered in my plodding journey:

1. White spirits will strip acrylic paint off a mini, if you wipe not dab; whether you’ve varnished it or not, right down to their little grey bones…

2. White spirits are not the ideal medium for making washes – I’ve found some dark pigments like purple will fade drastically as they dry and even change colour… so if anyone has any better oil wash medium suggestions, please help?

3. Some oil colours don’t like other oil colours – for example, I’ve tried laying down purple and white dots and blending them with a soft dry brush – as per YouTube instructions- but the purple just dominates the white and instead of a nice white-to-purple gradient, I get a pink mess…

But enough with the oil paint negatives , onto a positive!

I was struggling to get a decent transition of light Vallejo Model Air Sand (on a side note, this is an absolute nightmare of a colour to use – one of the few times Vallejo paints have failed me…) to shadows of Vallejo Armour Brown, to whit:

So after failing magnificently to use purple oil over GW Dwarf Flesh, I threw caution to the wind and attacked those streaky shadows with some ‘dry’ purple oil technique, the end result being thus:

Mmm blendy with a hint of painterly!

So it’s not Golden Demon standard but I think in this case the oils were completely successful.

My journey continues…

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