A Darker Path

The completion of the Ordo Sicarius trio brings to a close my current series of Imperial Inquisitor retinues – as you might have noticed, these retinues are all linked across an organically-grown tale that has been forming over a seven years, since I wrote the vignette for The Brimstone Inquisitor and made the first mention of Inquisitor Kallatar – who then completely took over. I have the end in sight, planned and loosely written, however; to see her story completed – in both words and models – a change of pace is now necessary.

My modelling – as many of you have witnessed and commented on over the years – has been exacting and detailed and at times so strung out even I forgot where I was with certain characters; it has also – at times – become a very stressful thing for me; and a hobby should not be stressful.

Time to lower my too-high standards a little, to loosen up, to complete characters faster and to improve my painting as well – a somewhat paradoxical antithesis, but we all have dreams, right?

And so down a darker path we turn…

2 thoughts on “A Darker Path

  1. Agreed! Hobbies need to be fun and fun only. I too have fallen victim to hobby stress and it’s a massive waste of time in the end. Can’t wait to see what you come up with really like you work. 🙂

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