Night W][tches: Daemons – The Hoplite

Been mashing this first member of my dark Inq28 Night Witches: Daemons warband together for while – okay, nearly 6 months – the main effort of conversion was making the spear – which I showed back here: W][P – The Hoplite – and the shield arm, so here’s some WIPS of that…

Took this Witch Elf arm and shield, and cut the shield down to just a rectangular nubbin (no pic):


Cut this plastic disc off an egg carrier thingy from a Dollar store:


Smeared it in Milliput paste…


And more milliput paste and Mr Surfacer 500 until it looked like this:


Then glued a rod to the back and stuck it in the Dremel, spun it and smoothed it with sandpaper:


Then I added a wet layer of GS/milliput mix to the back of it and pressed the Witch Elf arm with nubbin-of-shield into it, added good old Kroot shoulder armour to the shield arm to hide the crappy join, added a short-sword and some butt-armour made from chopping down Melusai waist-armour, finally scribed a rim into the shield and after a lot more sanding and scraping here she is, ready for paint:





Thanks for looking!

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