Quarantine – so plenty of time for (re)learning how to sculpt!

Decided these three deserve to be a solo project, not part of any of my pre-existng warbands.

Set some build parameters – can only do the conversion work with what I have with me, which is:
Greenstuff, milliput and Apoxie Sculpt; some paperclips; and no bits to kitbash with!
(May use brass tube for the weapon hafts when I get them home.)

First up, Stabby:

Filled in the belly symbol, cleaned up the legs where I scraped away fat rolls.
Sculpted the ‘shark-fin’ ridge on the armour (any ideas what that’s called?)
It’s still wet in this pic, and too fat, and too high.
Needs to be refined by much sanding and scraping.
Sculpting medium was a 50/50 GS and milliput mix:

Next two pics show the sculpted skirt to cover the haemorrhoid surgery previously done. Two sculpting sessions, the first being straight GS to build the underlying ‘scaffold’.
Which then allowed me to sculpt the ragged detail in using GS/milliput without it collapsing.

Needs a decent sandpaper/file to even out the rougher parts.
That’s why I use the GS/milliput mix, as it dries hard instead of rubbery-hard like straight GS:

And so, onto Bob.

Originally, Bob was just going to get slimmed down a little, but he kind of got away from me…
Filled in the gut(s) and third eye hole with milliput (smoothed with water it leaves no tide marks)
Enhanced the vambraces (you can see the right one here) with GS/milliput.
Added the start of the helmet plume using cut-n-carved sprue:

Added another ridge to the shoulder armour…
Not sure if I’m going to add the ‘stop-the-axe-sliding-off-the-armour-into-my-neck’ bit?
(Seriously, that part must have a name, right?)
Went over the arm-band that had been damaged by exuberant knifing during his weight-loss session…
The more I look at it, the more I think that might get re-sculpted into a metal torc:

Removed the head-with-worms that was sitting on top of that lower skull.
Re-sculpted the skirt section – there’s a plan in play for how that skull hangs:

And so, onto Margo. Yes, she will have a head…

First thing was to get her on a bit of a fitness regime to lose the gut.
She also had a bit of a boob-reduction, especially under the right arm where it looked like she had a third boob…
(Did she have a third boob?)
Re-sculpted the front of the skirt – unfortunately, I did this with straight GS.
Started to add to the shawl, using GS/milliput rolled flat onto foil strips (cut from Chobani yoghurt lids!):

Cut the tentacle off before I broke it, in case you were wondering…

So… went a bit over the top on the shawl.
(The black stuff is BSI CA glue.)
The curled shawl ‘tail’ hanging over the shoulder-sack will haunt me for the rest of my days…

Last two sections of shawl tails done.
(Actually, the darker green on the right of image is the first section I did after the front skirt, in GS only.)
The section coming from under the pauldron had to be curved just so, to fit the little karambit knife she carries into its original nodes:

Getting down to finer and finer details on all three now.

Next up, sculpting chains, more armour detailing, maybe some fur, and possibly even a skull!

Thanks for looking!

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