Almost completed the stuck-in-quarantine Wurmspat conversions.

Margo still needs a little work so she won’t feature today.

However, here’s Bob:

Re-sculpted both vambraces to add a small ridge.
Added then removed a skull on the right pauldron, as it was detracting from his handsome visage.
Sculpted the chain over the harness straps and beefed up the straps.

Added his nipple ring, which was made from Apoxie Sculpt.

Since both Stabby and Margo have tentacles, had to give one to Bob too.

The helm crest was a bit of a nightmare.
Scored a trench down the centre of the plastic part on top of the original helm.
Then made a foil scaffold and ‘glued’ it into the trench with straight GS.
When that had dried, used the 50/50 GS/Milliput mix to cover the foil and scraped in the horse-hair texture.
When that dried, did some final adjustments with files and sandpaper.

This chain on the back section which has the rope tied through it was the first chain I sculpted on him.
I learnt two things here:
One – How to sculpt chains, and
Two – I’ll never sculpt chains again.

Last thing was the axe hafts.
Using straight GS, rolled a flat section out and then rolled a diamond-pattern texture into it from a metal dental tool.
When that dried, cut it into 2mm strips, then glued and wrapped it around the support pins.
Capped the ends with some plastic bits from the old Chaos Marauder kit.

Onto Stabby:

He was the least converted of the three.
Converted the original pony-tail into a helm crest.
Finished sanding and shaping the stop-rib on the left shoulder pauldron.

Using GS/milliput, replicated the forearm vambrace from the left arm onto the mutated right.
Did a third pass on the rear skirt to smooth it out a little.
Replaced the original wooden spear haft with the straight copper tubing.
Added the little tech bit to the base of the spear haft on a whim.

Patched the crest-tail a little to hide the worms that were in there,
You can see the shape of the stop-rib a little better in this pic too.

Bit of crest detail sculpted in.

Margo’s transformation will be revealed in WIP 3b.

Thanks for looking!

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