And – as promised – here’s Margo the Witch Queen.
Including all the robe/shawl work, there was a similar amount of conversion work on her as Bob
No chains though!

Cut off her face and replaced it with a Witch Elf face.
Cut away the moose-antler crown and replaced it.
Over exuberantly cut off the top of her head and had to re-sculpt it.
Added the rest of the new crown and one strand of hair to hide a gap.
Added two skulls to the base because… skulls.
Added tentacles coming from the skull’s eyes because… tentacles.

Replaced the crooked tree branch with straight copper tubing and a tech bit.
Made the scythe blade from a large Nurgle fly leg-blade.
Added the skull because… skulls.
Sculpted the new staff-gripping tentacle because… tentacles.

Cut and filed down the shoulder armour.
Added the stop-rib with GS/milliput mix followed by lots of sanding.
Added the skull to the pauldron because… skulls.
Re-built the hilt of the sacrifice knife.

Added the right under-arm tentacles and spare GS/milliput became the third tentacle, because… (you guessed it):


Have to go back in and re-shape the scythe-gripping tentacle (tentacles!) join angle just a little, but all in all, Margo and the boys are ready for paint!

Thanks for looking!

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